Our aim is to help connect driven women small business owners. Let’s network, share our successes (and failures) and most importantly support one another.

We host ticketed networking events every second month and alternate workshops in the months between. We have blog posts focused on helping and educating one another on business related topics and feature local YYC small biz boss babes twice a week. Want to contribute? Email us!

April Event: The Importance of Legal with Alexandra of Sarjesa

Relationships of any kind take work, and sometimes even the best laid plans fail. In Alexandra’s 3rd year of University, she started a tea company with an additional shareholder. Within the first year, the two decided to part ways. However, even amicable separations require navigating the intricacies of business legal.

Alexandra is coming to speak about some of the resources and steps that helped her navigate this sometimes opaque system, sharing tips for any boss babe out there looking to go into business with or without a partner.

Find out more and pick up yuor ticket over on Eventbrite.

What else have we got in store for 2018?

Come join us for an awesome learning sesh with a fantastic speaker, a great topic to base the night around, a wicked grab bag and some networking with local entrepreneurs. There are four of these a year! We have these events scheduled for January, April, July, and October.
Let’s dig into the knitty gritty on certain topics that can really help you with your biz. These are more intimate and include at 2-3 hour presentation by an expert in that field. We have workshops scheduled for March, June, September, and November.
Off the Clock
No speaker, no swag, but an awesome time for networking with local boss babes. Get ready to play some games and get to know your fellow entrepreneurs! We have Off the Clocks scheduled for May, August, and December.