I was ready.

The blog posts, Instagram posts, and even some LinkedIn articles, to make myself feel fancy. I had read everything I could about launching yourself, and brand out into the world. I was ready for all the feelings and emotions one could possibly go through on a given day. All I needed to do was hit ‘Share as neonthecatstudio’ and hold my breath, to see what happens next.

It was such a relief to hit that share button. I laughed at myself and wondered – what was I expecting? Someone to say – Ummm, you can’t do that?

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Once I got the ball rolling a bit more on my Instagram account, I started to tell my loved ones about my plans. I wanted to make sure I had something in the works, so I could tell them – this is what I’ve done, and here’s what I got to show for it. And for the most part, people didn’t care about my accomplishments, they cared that I actually did something to turn my ideas into reality. My accomplishments were just icing on the cake. It gave me this insane amount of gratitude and amazement, that I just couldn’t contain a smile. It was a rush. The more people I told, the more excited I got, and that I made the right decision.

However, not all reactions were the same. Instead of excitement, I got blank stares. Instead of questions, I got silence. It was like I interrupted a conversation to point out that the sky is blue, just to have the conversation continue as if I weren’t there. At first, I thought I needed to explain Instagram more, or why I decided to do this, or show them what I’ve been working on. Nothing seemed to be working. It’s like they just didn’t get it. At. All.

And here it was. It wasn’t even a full month since launching my account, and I was already facing rejection and doubt. I expected this. I was ready for this. Except I envisioned it would be from a potential customer, a stranger. Not from a loved one.

So I had my pity party, reflected, and I realized that I had to change my view, and think of loved ones as potential clients. I knew that I wasn’t going to shut down if a client turned me down, so why should I if a loved one shut me down? It wasn’t a great feeling to realize, but it has helped me push past this very strange sensation.

I needed to go back to beginning. I needed to remember why I was doing this. I needed to remember the excitement I had when I hit ‘Share as neonthecatstudio’. I needed to remember that this started off on a ridiculous high note, and that note needed to come back.

So now that the cat is out of the bag (I know, that was bad, but I got to use that to my advantage), I just talk about my IG account, like I do with my life. I’ve realized that it needs to be as normal, as me catching up with friends, or going grocery shopping. And it’s helped! Those who weren’t sure how to react now ask me questions, want updates, get excited for me, and want to support me.


{Painting by Neon the Cat Studio}

The range of emotion is real. The past three months since launching Neon the Cat Studio has shown me sides of myself that I never thought I would experience. What I wish I saw more of in the articles I read, and what I’ll say now is, just like any kind of relationship you have with loved ones, you may never always see eye to eye. I know for a fact my family and friends never understood most of my choices in life. And I’ve definitely done the same! So when you’re ready to tell your family and friends about your new adventures, make sure you give them the benefit of the doubt; they WILL be excited for you. They just need to see this adventure isn’t going to hurt you first.


Robyn Alisat

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Robyn is the mess maker behind Neon the Cat Studio. Using non-traditional painting techniques, Robyn’s paintings are full of texture, drama, and unexpected surprises. Robyn is passionate about encouraging people to touch her art, and find hidden details. She hopes to not only spark creativity, but to make art less intimidating. 

Instagram: @neonthecatstudio