When it comes to utilizing the power of social media for marketing your business, there are plenty of rewards to reap, but if you’re making some common mistakes, you’re missing out. Here’s some tips for what you definitely shouldn’t be doing on social media.

Don’t: Try to do it all

  • It’s not about being everywhere, it’s about being effective where you are. Choose the social media sites that make sense for you, and maximize your reach there.
  • Having a stale presence on social media is more damaging to your brand than having no presence at all. If you can’t make time to maintain your accounts, consider hiring a professional.

Don’t: Make it all about you

  • Social media is meant to be SOCIAL! Stop promoting, start engaging.
  • Use the 80/20 rule for sites like Facebook and Twitter: 80 per cent interesting/fun, 20 per cent business. Find a way to engage with your audience about topics that involve your industry, without just plastering your open houses and listings.
  • Keep in mind: what would you want to see on your news feeds? What does your target audience like to read about?

Don’t: Duplicate messages

  • It may be a time-saver, but copy and pasting messages to multiple platforms, is bad practice. For one, your audience will notice. For two, there is different language on each social site.
  • Cut-off URLs on Twitter or hashtags on Linkedin, will not go unnoticed by the public. Do the work, see the results.

Don’t: Forget to proofread

  • Don’t sacrifice spelling and grammar to save space in a post.
  • Abbreviations have no place online, regardless of it being social media, it’s a marketing avenue, treat it as such.
  • People will always remember an embarrassing error, edit before you post!

Don’t: Treat all social media sites the same

  • Keep in mind every site has a different “language”. Hashtags are formatted differently on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram.
  • There are different character counts for each site.
  • Learn the languages, format accordingly.

Don’t: Post online unless you want people to see it

  • There is no such thing as privacy online, once it’s there, expect the world to see it.
  • Think before you tweet, and never post or respond in anger, give yourself a minute or two to collect your thoughts. That angry comment to a complaint will do more damage than the complaint did.
  • Whether it’s personal or business, always use caution when posting content whether images or editorial.

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