Work-life balance for mompreneurs. Okay, you can stop laughing now! It IS possible. I know what it’s like as a mompreneur who is surrounded by work 24/7, not 9-5. But here are 5 tips that can help you get a little balance in your life, and be more productive with your time.

  1. Plan your schedule the day or night before  ::  Making plans in advance for the next day helps you avoid running into schedule conflicts. As well, scheduling the day/night before instead of a few days in advance helps to keep everything for the next day fresh on your mind. It helps you gauge anything new that needs to be added to your schedule. For example, if you weren’t able to finish something on your ‘to do’ list today, you can fit it into the schedule for the next day. The first few weeks of doing this will be tough, and you may miss a few tasks. But with practice, at the end of the week you won’t be off schedule and will accomplish what you need to get done. Taking it day by day is more reasonable and achievable than trying to plan out a weekly schedule, which is what most people tend to do.
  2. Spend some dedicated time with the kids  ::  After a few weeks of adjusting to planning your days out and scheduling in tasks like you would a ‘regular job’, you should be able spend more dedicated time, uninterrupted by work, with your family. Whether it’s taking the kids to the park, to the pool, or going to the library, you should find more time within your day to have more “mommy and me time” with your kids.
  3. Plan out wellness or fitness program that fit with your schedule  ::  Find a program that’s right for you. Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that your health is important for making you better able to care for your household, family, and business.
  4. Engage in self care  ::  Self care is SO important. It’s not selfish! Moms, especially mompreneurs, tend to neglect themselves and focus just on caring for others. Whether you get a manicure or pedicure bi-weekly or once a month, or visit a spa for a facial or massage once every few months, or meditation in a quiet space for an hour every couple days, remember the value of treating yourself with “mommy time” by yourself. A happy, healthy mom makes for a happy, healthy family!
  5. Find a mentor  ::  Having a mentor or coach can be so beneficial! They’ve already been where you are trying to go in some ways. They can give their advice on what works and what doesn’t to save you time. This can limit the trial-and-error you do as you develop your business, and potentially avoid many bumps in the road.

Writer Bio:

Mompreneur and Girl Boss Sally Powis-Campbell is a Registered Psychologist and expert in the areas of mindfulness, stress management, food and mood therapy, and eating disorders. She is the creator of Mommy Mindfulness therapy programs, which she runs in individual therapy, group therapy, and workshop format. Her private practice, Wholistic Health YYC, was birthed after the birth of Sally’s first child. She wanted to create a practice that offered holistic approaches to mental and physical health for Calgarians of all ages. 

Outside of her private practice, Sally is a mom of two, and wifey to a local entrepreneur (co-owner of @2110Fitness and @SpokenSpin). She’s an avid foodie (understatement of the year!), doing food tours and cooking classes across the globe from Istanbul to Rome to Vancouver to New York, and many spots in between. Sally  keeps busy blogging about whole foods (with lots of healthy recipes), and wholesome mind and body practices.