Heyo #girlbosses we are so hella pumped you are enjoying our Girl Gang Hangs. We just wanted to give some tips and helpful advice so we can make everything run as smoothly as possible for future meet ups.

Step 1 – Set those alarms

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming hangs through our social media handles. Here’s a tip: we post a minimum of three times before letting our tickets fly free into the world. They are: A sneak peek to guess at where we are going post, a reveal post, a set your alarm post and then BOOM – a tickets are live post. Once you see that set your alarm post – DO IT. Our tickets go fast and they are a first come first serve basis.

Step 2 – Get yo’ Ticket

Self explanatory; want to come? Snafoo a ticket. Some are charged events and some are free. We just ask that if there is an option to buy more than one ticket that you know who that person is in advance and relay that info to us at [email protected] as soon as possible. We go off names when checking people in. If their names aren’t on the list there isn’t much we can do. We don’t want to miss you or your guest and deny you access!

Step 3 – Awe blarg, waitlisted

Our tickets are hella hot and they sell out FAST! We are talkin’ our record is 17 minutes FLAT. If you don’t grab a ticket, don’t worry – comment your name on the Facebook event page asking to be on the waitlist, or comment on the Instagram post that says TICKETS ARE LIVE and do the same as above. 48 hours and closer to the actual hang make sure you are checking your DM (direct messages) on repeat since you may be the next person on the waitlist to receive a ticket (which happens a lot more often than expected).

Step 4 – NOOO! I can’t make it anymore!

If for some unknown reason you are not able to make it to our hang (emergency, family etc) please let us know ASAP, at LEAST 48 hours in advance. This gives us a greater chance to have your ticket go to a person who wants it! For the past two YYC Girl Gang Hangs we have had over 50 people on the waitlist praying for a ticket and we want em’ to have a chance to go! If you have a ticket and have transferred it to a friend already we HAVE to know their name (see #2). Please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. —- Mainly we don’t want to have to crack down and start noting names, but we also don’t want our poor event coordinators running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to replace tickets due to last minute cancellations! Obviously emergencies happen but we just want to know as soon as possible, we promise we won’t hold it against you! —

Step 5 – Get your game face on 

Whether that’s taking a relaxing bath before, reading up and snooping other fellow lady bosses that might be there or dancing wildly to some Beyonce while getting ready, get into the headspace you want. We ask you to go into the event with an open mind, be ready to soak in all the knowledge like a sponge, be positive and mainly to have fun! That’s why we are all here right!?

See you at the next hang girls!

– xoxo YYC Girl Gang