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As a photographer and avid instagrammer (is that a word yet?) I’m always on the hunt for the best photo editing apps. I started with VSCO, and then jumped to Priime and now there’s a new kid on the block making waves. Meet: A Color Story.


A Color Story is an app developed by the brilliant Elsie + Emma from A Beautiful Mess. They felt that so many existing filters change or mute colors, and they wanted to create filters that would enhance the color that’s already there.

There are 100+ filters (I bought the expansion pack for $10.99 to unlock all filters. For a business expense 10 bucks really isn’t a big deal…) to achieve the look and feel you desire. Below, you can see some of the pictures from my phone used with the filters, but seriously there are so many I haven’t even tried them all.

[sidenote: I’m not familiar enough with the app yet to have my go-to favourite filters, but as of right now I’m still overwhelmed by how many there are. Don’t necessarily buy the whole expansion right away like me because you might feel the same way]


There’s also a really cool feature where you can add colored fog to your pictures. I’ve seen this done especially on pinterest graphics where you want to be able to add text. I’ve used this feature in my newsletter subscription (subscribe and see the graphic here! 😉 hehe) and it’s a super easy but professional look.

If you pay to unlock the Color Fog features you get 17 different colors! I love that there’s even a white one to really enhance that bright and airy look people love.



Finally, A Color Story has a bunch of great bokehs and lens flares. I’m not a huge user of heart shaped bokeh lights 😉 but I love how natural the flares look. Some of them are rainbow colored (like the airplane window shot below) and can make a blah photo beautiful, especially if your feed is filled with pastels and pops of color.



Of course, you can also adjust curves, clarity, contrast, temperature and lots more in the app as well. I love that once you put some filters, change some levels and crop your picture you can save your editing steps to use whenever you want.

Happy photo editing, friends! Let me know what you think of A Color Story or what apps you’re using these days.



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