In case you’re like me and listening to what Janine from My Pennies My Thoughts traumatized you to a whole other level…. The Holy Shit I Owe the Government an unruly amount kind of level… follow this link and take a deep breath. I’d like to say this blog post is going to be about her awesomeness, but I actually can’t talk taxes for more than 3 sentences.

I’ve been wracking my brain around what to write about for the March YYC Girl Gang Hang and felt stumped. Not because there wasn’t anything to say, but just specifically what I could blog about that didn’t have that forced feeling.

Friends. Sisterhood. Tribe. Boss babes. Girl Gang. Whatever you want to call it, what these kickass 10 ladies created is an amazing space.

I can’t speak for other industries, but what I do know is three years ago when I started my photography business reaching out to other lady bosses in the same industry was a big no-no. It was actually really sad and discouraging. I would ask ladies I thought I looked up to questions about how they got started, how they decided their target market or even what lenses they were using. The response?…and I quote “If you don’t know these answers you probably should reconsider this industry.”

Well damn. Were you just born with that knowledge? I. Think. Not.

Good thing I didn’t listen to them.

Flash-forward to today and society seems to have shifted, the wealth of knowledge you boss babes are willing to share is overwhelming and heart warming. I’m a strong believer that we can all cheer one another on, share our knowledge from our own failures and successes and still have enough clients to pay our bills.

I am so thankful for this group of boss babes, this safe space where questions are encouraged. I’m thankful for each and every one of you for reaching out to me to either help me, collab with me or ask me questions. It’s humbling to have such a strong community.

Thanks YYC Girl Gang for being so flippin’ awesome.


Sarah Beaulieu
I’m just your local wedding and portrait photographer. I recently was on Meet Me Monday..and I think that’s the best place to find out about me + what I do. xx

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