I think a lot of us boss babes can agree that social media platforms are a massive contribution to our success. We strive to stay relevant, connect with our followers and maintain a cohesive instagram feed. We make every effort to execute the perfect flat lay, find the best light in our homes and hoard photos as we make plans for future posts. We’ve all been there staring at our phone for longer than we care to admit coming up with today’s image, caption, and of course hashtags.


What I want to talk about today is something that has been on my mind lately. I want to first start out by saying that I personally know that no one has ill intentions when reposting my art or someone else’s. I know first hand that when someone filters my work, fails to credit me or otherwise posts without permission is not out to do harm in any capacity. However I’ll be the first to admit that it hurts my heart each time I see my work be altered. Each image I take, deliver and post is not only my baby but also a direct representation of my business and myself.


The Do’s & Don’t

Do ask permission before reposting another users image

Some customers/clients and businesses are really vocal about wanting to be reposted. However it doesn’t hurt to ask for permission before posting ones image, especially if there are people in the image.

Don’t pass another’s work off as your own.

There are tons of laws and regulations associated with republishing someone else’s work without giving credit. In many cases it can even be a violation of copyright law. If you’ve paid for images, make sure you’ve spoken with the artist who created them and the photo release/guidelines they’ve given you. Majority of the time you’ve only paid for personal use or print release; you don’t actually “own the photos”.

Do give credit.

Social media can go viral so quickly that if the original artist isn’t credited when you repost it, chances are a social media platform might credit you for the photo. A simple camera emoji with their username or tag on the photo goes a long way!


Don’t alter the image while reposting.

Someone took time to execute this image. When you put that Valencia, Lo-Fi, or any filter on their image it misrepresents the original artist’s message to the public. We all work hard to represent our business through our images.

Don’t post it if it’s not on brand for you.

You can love an image and think it’s amazing, double tap it. However if it doesn’t work in your feed without you somehow altering the image, it’s best to admire from afar and find something that works without having to revise an artist’s work.


Last minute tips

When an instagram user has clearly tagged you via a specific hash tag or in the image, the chances are high they’re more than happy to be reposted.

Create a hashtag for your consumers/followers to use with the specific knowledge that you intend to repost your favourite images from that hashtag.

Reposting can be the perfect way to add variety to your feed, share the collaboration you’re working on or to gush about how much you love a piece another artist did.

I would love to know others views on Instagram and the art of reposting, leave your thoughts below!

Sarah Beau Photo


www.sarahbeauphoto.com or @sarahbeauphoto

Sarah is a Calgary based photographer with a love for human connection. She’s most fascinated with how love shows up in images and its exactly why you’ll find her work revolving around weddings and portraits. When she’s not taking pictures, you’ll find her out hiking with her pup Jinx or at home simply binge watching Netflix.