Summer is in full swing here in #yyc. The days are long and hot, the patios are open; there are street festivals bustling, and the parks are full of all kinds of people. With so many events to check out and patios to post-up in; maintaining any semblance of routine can be near impossible, and taking care of yourself is easier said than done.

Whether you’re a proverbial social butterfly or a more of a homebody, the seasonal shift also shifts our routines especially with such long daylight hours.

That sweet, sweet sunshine!
Hitting up your favourite patio is always a blast, but by the end of the summer those cute drinks may have added up to be more than you thought. Not to mention how dehydrated all those sugary concoctions can make you!

We live in an area that abounds with natural beauty! There’s a bit of green space available in every corner of the city, and unlike like most patios they don’t usually take reservations, but there is always plenty of space for everyone. Spending a day in one of Calgary’s parks is a perfect for a day out with pals, and can be a really cute date! Ideally, we’d all be able to have the time and means to rip out to the mountains for every beautiful day, but if you don’t have the wheels to leave the city there are a ton of options to log some low-key outdoors time.

Check out one of Calgary’s many parks like Edworthy Park, or Nosehill Park. If you’re looking for a prime people watching venues check out Riley Park in Sunnyside. It’s got everything you need: shade, guaranteed at least three random ragtag sports teams, wedding parties, dogs, and squirrels chasing each other.


As well as taking advantage of the area we get to live in, it’s worth the stroll just to see what it can do for your selfie game! Natural diffused lighting? Yes please!
Photo courtesy of Ashley Dyer @ashleydyer_ 

A major part of actually enjoying the season is being able to weather the good weather. There are a few semi-simple ways to keep your body on track while still enjoying yourself outdoors.

Sleep, Sunshine and Hydration: 

All I do is sleep, sleep, sleep. Ever notice how the heat can make you way more tired? I know it’s hard to actually get to bed at a reasonable time. Especially when the sun is up much later than the winter months. Attempting to set a typical bedtime will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and rested (or so I’m told).

Remember when I mentioned getting outside and getting fresh air? By getting enough hours of sunlight per day this will also help you get a good night’s rest as it will help to set your circadian clock (also known as your body clock.) Your body’s circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle which, among regulating many psychological processes, also tells your body when to sleep. It can be affected by your environment like temperature and sunlight, so logging some sunshine hours, even when it’s overcast, can do a world of good.

Besides keeping an eye on your sleep and getting some sunshine, it’s a good idea to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated should be a year round habit but in the summer months (and especially when you’ve been spending time out in the sun or in the warm weather) it can become pretty important pretty quickly.

Carrying a reusable water is always a good idea since you can fill it up wherever you go, and with the exception of some night clubs, water is usually on tap anywhere in the city.

We all remember the elementary school S’s of Sun Safety: Slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, and slop on sunscreen. The S’s still hold up and sunscreen is a key whether you’re having a busy day in the park or a busy day shopping street festivals and spending time outside. Even if you don’t think you’ll be outside for that long it’s always a good idea to slather on some sunscreen on your way out the door!

Not big into the outdoors?

 There’s always ways to manage your indoor space that can really make a difference! Seriously, nothing drags you down more than a closet full of clothes that you no longer wear or no longer fit. There’s nothing wrong with thinning out the herd! Think about having some pals over for a clothing swap or donating your lightly used clothes to places like Walk In Closet or My Best Friend’s Closet. If you’re not using it, surely someone will!

All your clothes are keepers? Treating yourself to some home time and take a morning or afternoon to organize your living space will have you feel much lighter. Organize things by colour, or mood, or how and when you use them! Treating your space right is another way to treat yourself!

Window and organization goals, though!

Photo courtesy of Carmin Edwards @carminedwards  

With so much going on, it can be really easy to put your wellness and budgets aside in favour of pursuits with some more instant gratification. We totally all do it. We put off doing laundry, or tending the garden, or even sleep in order to chase  the sunshine and good weather vibes. Whether you’re procrastinating or looking for your next mini adventure if you’re going to do something, do it well and take care of yourself in the process!


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