I’m here to tell you your selfie game is not strong enough for your business game.

I believe your audience wants to know who the boss is behind the Instagram account they love so much. I believe people want to know your life isn’t as magical as it sometimes looks on Instagram. Therefore I’m a huge supporter in sharing your personal life or moments on Instagram. This means selfies, adventures and office spaces.

If someone loves your product and is directed to your website, shouldn’t we go from personal platform (Instagram) to professional at the click of a button? You’d think…but you’d be surprised what I found when I went through about 50 clicks.


Are these shameless selfies appropriate for your business about me section? What is it actually saying “about you”? Is it unprofessional and proving you’re not willing to invest in yourself?

Can you honestly say that all your hard work and dedication to your craft is reflected in that selfie next to your well thought out words? If the answer is yes…please share the selfie. I’m intrigued.

These selfies are also not appropriate for applying to a job or market, or applying to be featured on a blog or in any real non Instagram world. Those selfies play a role in your social media, relating you to clients. However in saying that, here are my ground rules. On a side note, I went out of my way to find/make examples to exaggerate my point.

collage2 (1)

Cleavage: Is your business about female enhancements? If the answer is no, don’t post a selfie where I can see down your shirt.

Kim K Selfie: The famous Kim K selfie of cutting out important parts of ones face works for her. Why? Because she’s an icon, a famous icon in which she’s built her business around being in the limelight.

Half your face cut off is a big no when you’re trying to share with your clients who you are.

Clarity: If the image is blurry, has any lack of clarity or you’ve added some in app blur affect. Toss it. I’m sorry, but it screams that you didn’t invest in yourself.

You're drunk: Sorry to be the gal to say it, but your bar star images are better left on the side line or your non business Facebook/Instagram accounts. So that red eye, bar star image taken in super dim lighting is a strong no.

 Fixing the Problem

News flash, professional head shots no longer have to mean power suit + white back drop.

Now I understand entirely that a professional portrait session can be costly. I also understand that jumping in front of a camera is frightening. However it’s worth it. You can spend anywhere from $100-$800 for a small portrait session. Find a photographer that will represent you in images the way you want to be seen by your viewers.

When you hire a photographer you should chat about the way you want to represent yourself. Do you want your product in the shots? Do you want to capture yourself working? Do you have a business partner to take photos with? Ask the right questions and make sure your investment is worth the outcome.

Pro-Tip : Fall is just around the corner and LOTS of photographers are hosting mini sessions. Mini sessions include less time in front of a camera at a designated area, a few images, and the bonus of half the cost.

Good Examples: 

Chantal from Knitatude rocks her colorful hair, kickass wardrobe and her craft all in one picture:


Photo: K & E Imaging

Candace from Vixens of Vintage lets viewers into her home for a cup of coffee to make her feel more personable.


Photo: Sarah Beau Photography

Sarah (Sarah Beau Photography) brought her dog along for her shoot, as she feels her viewers connect and remember her equally for her dog.

View More: http://kaihlatonai.pass.us/sarahfreespirit

Photo: Kaihla Tonai

Laurie from Hen & Chicks Inc. sits down with me in her backyard and puts together a floral arrangement.


Photo: Sarah Beau Photography

I’d love to know, what do you think about selfies on About Me sections of websites?

View More: http://kaihlatonai.pass.us/sarahfreespirit

Sarah Beau 

www.sarahbeauphoto.com or @sarahbeauphoto

Sarah is a Calgary based photographer with a love for human connection. She’s most fascinated with how love shows up in images and its exactly why you’ll find her work revolving around weddings and portraits. When she’s not taking pictures, you’ll find her out hiking with her pup Jinx or at home simply binge watching Netflix.

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