Work hard, play hard! To stay on top your game all you boss babes need downtime too! The summer is a great time for a little disconnect from your normal habitat and habits (whether good or bad!). Road trips are the perfect low-budget, mini getaway to recharge your battery and find inspiration! The days are long so you can hit the road almost any time of day and still be driving in daylight, and without ice or snow on the road, summer is the ideal season for road trips or day trips out of the city!

Select your roadie crew carefully! The company you keep can keep you sane, or drive you bonkers when you’re confined to a rolling metal box together.  That being said, everyone needs a little leeway, and exerting patience when you want to deliver a really sassy comeback could be the difference between driving in silence for the next few hours, or it blowing over in the next couple kilometers.


These ladies on their way to Osheaga, are clearly ride or die!  ­

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Sometimes no one’s schedules are going to line up with yours and it’ll be up to you to decide if you’re itching enough for the open road for a solo journey. As much fun as adventuring with your pals is there is definitely something to be said for solo tripping! All the rest stops and destination choices are yours, and same with radio station choices. ­That being said, it is ESPECIALLY important to take breaks when you’re driving alone. Once nightfall hits it’s super easy to get a little dozy and become less vigilant of deer, other vehicles, and the road itself. Getting out and stretching or checking into a campground or motel for a few Z’s will help keep you alert and lively during your trip! You might even find a new gem for your weekend getaways! Plan your pit stops accordingly and your whole body will thank you later.


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The other bonus of flying solo is getting to pick ALL the music. Although, if you’re the driver of a group trip choosing the music is your divine right. However, if you are ever relying on radio the unfortunate truth is this: you are going to run out of decent radio stations.

It is going to happen so it is best to just accept it, and plan for it. Your future self will thank you endlessly later for investing in a satellite radio provider for your car or a half-decent adapter for your phone.  The soundtrack you drive to can make an epic trip that much better. As well podcasts, or audiobooks are a great companion whether on a solo trip or with pals.

A few things to remember when hittin’ the road include:

  • Packing extra bottles of water and snacks
  • Always having lip balm and sunscreen handy (to avoid that single arm out the window tan)
  • Enjoying yourself! Road trips are just as much about the journey as they are the destination. Leave the stress at home and revel in the open road!

Even though it can sometimes feel like you should or could be working all weekend, taking time for yourself and to search for inspiration to keep driving your forward is something all boss babes deserve. You’ll come back from your trip refreshed, inspired and ready to crush it!


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