May I explain this double entendre: blog rules (guidelines, do’s and don’ts, conditions) vs. blog rules (rocks, awesome, mind blowing). Running a blog is a terrifying undertaking. You have the opportunity to engage and influence the world with your ideas, ambitions and thoughts, but at the same time, this influence can be detrimental to your free time, relationships – and let’s face it, mainly your sanity – at every turn.

To safeguard the blogging world from seeping into my family’s privacy and personal life, we have come up with a few rules. By we, I mean my husband. Because frankly, blogging is like a drug. Totally. Addictive. I could blog all day and night with blood shot eyes and a selfie stick taped to my hand if it weren’t for him.

For now, I’m going to focus on the “rules” portion of blogging, and in the future, I’ll reel you into the blogsphere with why blogging rules!

Blog Rules 

  1. No phones/iPad/computer in the bedroom. This one has some flexibility, because sometimes a girl just has to watch “Downton Abbey” in bed.
  2. No technology during meals. Relationships matter. Fostering an environment for open dialogue and sharing lives happens around the table – technology distracts.
  3. No blogging (social media) on dates. Don’t even think about Instagramming that amazing bison dish from the Nash. Savour the moment. Your meal will taste even better in your belly than in a picture.
  4. No pictures of my husband or girls’ faces. This also extends to friends and family. Always ask for consent before posting their picture.
  5. No location “check-in”. This is for my safety.
  6. Silencing iMessages and notifications when in social setting. If I find it totally rude that others pay more attention to their phones than the person in front of them, I should adhere to the same standard.
  7. No social media on Sundays. We all need a day off work to focus on what’s important. For me, this is Sunday.
  8. Limit screen time while kiddos are awake and when hubby is home from work. I want my kids to see that there is more to life than a screen in front of their mother’s face.

What “rules” do you have to protect your personal life and maintain your sanity? What’s your most difficult rule to follow?






Dallas is an outgoing introvert with a caffeinated jump in her step and an overly accurate sense of time. She is constantly in pursuit of simplicity for her health and her sanity, but also to model a life lived on purpose for her mini-tribe. A self-proclaimed Scandinavian wannabe, Dallas loves clean lines, bright whites, dashes of grey and tons of stripes. Tears, tantrums, laughter and the darnedest two-year–old sayings are part of her everyday in her half-German, half-Canadian home.