I think its really important to talk about  the power of slowing down to speed up. This is something that has really begun to resonate with me, and has become a part of how I live my life, and exist in the world.  As entrepreneurs, this is something that we need to get clear on – a delicate balance of work and play, while honouring our needs, deepest desires, and deadlines.


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What makes us feel full? Alive ? Purposeful? Free? What pulls us into these perpetual cycles of overworking, and putting ourselves last –  and believing that this is what we have to do to be successful?

This looks different for all of us  – for me, I used to hold a deep-seeded belief that my worthiness was conditional. It depended on me doing; even at the cost of my health, relationships, diet, work and business. This can become something really dangerous and damaging for us, because it allows us to believe that there is strength in sacrificing ourselves, self sabotaging & putting ourselves last. What we really need to be looking at is the space that we are creating from, is it a space of fear and scarcity or alignment and love. Because if we are putting ourselves last and not honouring this balance let me tell you its rarely from a space of love.

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Photo by Kaihla Tonai

Our beliefs, barriers, and stories hold us back from being successful. As does our need and desire to push ourselves further. And when we create from a space that is fueled by our wounds, we are not able to show up as clear and concise leaders. It slashes and halts our ability to grow and thrive; to be a lover, a partner, a friend, a parent, a sister, a brother, a CEO, a creator, a leader,  all of our roles are impacted.


“ Because if we are unable to show up for ourselves, for one reason or another, we are unable to show up as conscious leaders in our lives and our businesses ”


This is where creating a consistent practice comes in – consistency being the key. This will give you the capacity to witness when your wounds are derailing and running your life. Your practice will empower you; it will give you a choice in what part of your brain is firing under stress: because the more time we get to know ourselves, take care of ourselves, and soothe our nervous systems, the more present we will be able to be. Your decisions will become more clear and concise; you will become more efficient, productive, creative, and free. You will be able to honour your needs, show up for yourself, and create healing in your life.

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Photo by Kaihla Tonai

“Because when we create a container that is full within, we are able to give, it allows us to show up as authentic powerful entrepreneurs.”

When we slow down, we are also able to be more conscious of how we spend our time and energy. We actively choose to create a life we love, we own our actions and decisions. We show up because we want to make a difference, we want to be of service, we want to create, we want a life of love. And we are able to look at where we are putting our energy. Does this business deal feel in alignment? Where am I losing energy, emotionally and physically? How can I create change in that?



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Yogi Bhajan said “There is a way through any block” and as entrepreneurs our practice, our understanding of ourselves on a deeper level & slowing down will be what makes us successful, authentic, and able to show up in the world.



Cassie Zaychuk is the creator and owner of Stillness & Surrender. Where our purpose is to create a space for healing and transformation to occur. Assisting clients in removing barriers, tapping into their wounds, fears and emotional barriers through one on one, group and couples sessions, offered in a personal, corporate, and studio setting. When we do deeper work we are able to show up as more authentic powerful creators in our lives and businesses.

Cassie works through a science based approach, using yoga, meditation, and coaching to assist clients in identifying areas of change and creating healing in their life.  

Instagram: @stillness.and.surrender / Website: www.stillnessandsurrender.com 


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