Pew pew pew. That is the sound of our ovaries bursting when we see all these hella cute designed baby clothes. We can’t help it. You won’t be able to. Introducing Luz – the lady behind Binky Doodle. Just wait till you see what she was doing before and what got her onto this journey. Eugh our hearts!
What do you make / sell? Tell us about yo’ self.
I create designs that I press onto ethically conscious garments for babies, kids’ and adults. Together with my friend in Coquitlam B.C., we offer both fully custom designing and stock designs exclusive to the Binky Doodle brand.
How long have you had your business?
5 months
How did you get started?
A friend of mine in Coquitlam B.C. was making custom clothing for infants and asked me to join her in rebranding the shop. We initially started by fully customizing designs for clients to serve as gifts and keepsakes. What started out as a little hobby quickly turned into something bigger as more clients were requesting our custom designs. I began working on a collection of stock and customizable designs that I’ve loved creating and that have resulted the brand that Binky Doodle is today.
Who or what inspires your work?
I am an NICU nurse who just loved dressing all of the little NICU babies in their sleepers and onesies with the hopes that the the outfit would overshadow the medical tubes, IVs and cables attached to them. That very small part of my job was so fulfilling that it felt like an easy decision to explore dressing babies, kids and adults in a different way with my little shop.
What do you dream for your business in the future?
My hope is that we can offer our brand to more local shops in AB and BC and travel the country to sell at different markets. My favourite part of Binky Doodle is meeting all of our clients face to face as well as connect with other incredible boss babes. My primary roles are being a mother to my son Ben and a NICU nurse, so my hope is that I can continue to think of this shop as a labour of love.
What’s your favourite social media platform and why?
We love Instagram for its ability to cultivate close connections between different shop owners. I have met so many wonderful shops through this platform and it is amazing to be a part of such a small and wonderfully creative community.
How do you pick yourself up when things go wrong?
Owning the shop has had its share of lows but I try to look back and see how far it has come in such a short period of time and also remember that I can stop at any time if I don’t love it anymore. I simply love it so much that it’s enough of a drive to pick myself up and keep going.
What’s one thing no one knows about you? Give us an interesting fact!
I would probably say that deep down, it actually frightens me to put myself out there for the world to see. It really takes me out of my comfort zone. It’s incredible because here I am putting myself out there to you at yycgirlgang and all of your followers as well as putting myself out there on a daily basis with designs that I’ve created that I don’t know if people will love or not. It’s actually quite terrifying for me.
If you could have any super power what would it be?
I would be able to fly at lightning speed so that I could see my family in Guatemala at any point in time that I wanted.
Where can we find your stuff?
You can find our Fall collection on our website at and find us at a few markets this Fall/Winter. Follow us on FB or IG for updates!

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