As small business owners, who doesn’t need a little direction when it comes to navigating social media!? With an integral focus on community engagement, the boss babes (Dakota& Lindsay) behind Social Centric Inc, use their combined superpowers in public relations and digital marketing to make sure your company is killing it on the social media front!

SOCIAL CENTRIC INC -Dakota and Lindsay
What do you make / sell? Tell us about yo’ self.
Social Centric is a live media consulting company that takes big and small ideas and helps brands build and garner their presence by supporting, growing and fostering their brand through key social channels. Through social takeovers, live event coverage and a consumer focused brand voice strategy, Social Centric creates, cultivates and grows meaningful connections with stakeholders.
How long have you had your business?
Four glorious months!
How did you get started?
With backgrounds in traditional public relations and digital marketing, Dakota and Lindsay began to notice a gap in the way social media was being approached. With the importance of good content catching on, we noticed that an integral piece of the social media pie was being neglected. Community engagement.
As a key piece of any event, brand strategy, campaign or product launch, we knew that social should be top of mind as well as executed through refined strategies that are streamlined and efficient. After spending many months asking the right questions and chatting with industry leaders, we began to strategize a way to close the gap between companies and their customers. With fierce social media marketing campaigns and exciting new ways to create content that is sure to cultivate vast online communities, Social Centric connects brands and thought leaders with their online audience so they can finally get the attention they deserve.
Thus, Social Centric was born over a bottle (or two) of wine and table full of ideas and of course, French fries.
Who or what inspires your work?
As native Calgarians, we have always been so inspired by the many small shops and local businesses that flood our city each year and help it grow. We wanted to create something that could help businesses, large and small, gain the notoriety they deserved while also introducing the wonderful world of social media marketing and new branding ideas, to those businesses that have been successful, but not yet present online and in new media.
What do you dream for your business in the future?
As communicators, we are also storytellers. It would be a dream come true if we were able to tell the stories of the many talented individuals in Calgary and area, and in turn, become apart of their process and growth. We hope to not only work with, but to team up with some of our favourite local brands and learn from them, as much as they might learn from us.
What’s your favourite social media platform and why?
With Facebook’s algorithms becoming more and more challenging and Twitter being a conversational piece more than anything, we really like to work with Instagram. Not only do our clients have the ability to share what has been a proven value – (visuals!) but we are able to streamline their brand persona and really humanize their message by using quirky filters and carefully curated content.
How do you pick yourself up when things go wrong?
We LOVE our community. A great brainstorm with a like-minded business or Social Media Breakfast usually picks us right up after a hard day or week.
Also, chocolate Oreos from Cafe Rosso and some of Calgary’s incredible boutique wine shops help to deflate any sticky situation.
What’s one thing no one knows about you? Give us an interesting fact!
We are both avid adventure seekers. Both of us have taken some scary leaps (literally) to satisfy our inner adrenaline junkies. Some of our favourite experiences include Lindsay’s first bungee jump in Gatineau Park, Quebec and Dakota’s sky dive over the prairies in Vulcan, British Columbia.
If you could have any super power what would it be?
To stop time….. so we can have some more of it….. 🙂
What are your social media handles? Please include links.
Handle: @BeSocialCentric
Handle: @besocialcentric
Where can we find your stuff?

As a newer company, we are just getting started but some of our favourite projects we are currently working on include:

She Said YYC:
She Said is focused on raising women’s internal & external voices, with the ultimate goal of equality & positive impact on our world.
The Calgary Domestic Violence Collective:
The Calgary Domestic Violence Collective (CDVC) is a collective of close to 60 community partners that provides a coordinated response to domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention in Calgary.


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