If you’ve had a bad day, a bad customer, a bad comment, a bad review. This is my letter to you:

Dear reader:

You my friend are a boss ass bitch. You’ve made a whole company from the ground up. You got those creative juices flowin’, made some shit, came up with a killer name, branded it, marketed it and social media’d the death out of it . You continue to do it every damn day. You take sleepless nights to write that blog post, perfect that recipe or make that product to ensure you hit that deadline you made or put in place. You sacrifice so much to get it done. It’s noticed.

You are a business owner. A damn strong woman who hones her craft everyday to be better. Whether that’s pen to paper or material to product. No one can tear you down. And if, and WHEN someone tries – don’t let them break you. You are worth your weight in gold. Don’t let them tarnish you. Attack that comment with pride, over come that review with confidence, stand up for yourself because you will not back down. You are amazing & You. Are. Worth. It. Don’t for a second forget that.

– Chantal 

{{Chantal is the bossbabe behind Knitatude and El Presidante of YYC Girl Gang. You can usually tell her apart in the crowd by the knits she wears, her crazy coloured hair or her loud and exuberant voice and smile.}}

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2 thoughts on “A letter to the Boss A$$ B!tch”

    1. Oh no! The first one is always the worst. That’s ok. It’s like ripping off a bandaid! Get yourself back up, dust yourself off and keep your chin up!

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