Hey Boss babes,
My name is Meghan and I’m an introvert.
I’m also a photographer, and was super excited to shoot the January Girl Gang Hang at Village Brewery.
Any form of networking usually scares me, I feel nervous and don’t know how to start conversations and feel I have something to prove. Regardless, I still feel like these types of events can be valuable, and have had my eye on YYC Girl Gang for awhile. I’ve let a few ticket dates go by, and when they asked for a photographer I decided to jump on it! I’m so glad I did.
From right when I walked in this event seemed so friendly, and not so intimidating. Having my camera with me is a big help.
Things got started with a tour of Village Brewery. They are a Calgary based micro-brewery serving Alberta with great beer. They have a passion to be involved with, and serve the community they are in, and it was really neat to see the facility. Pizza from Inglewood Pizza hit the spot with our village beers. Candice from Buttercream Clothing shared with us her experience hiring employees and contractors. It was great to hear the story of how their business got started, how it is growing, and how they are adapting to that growth.
After hearing from her we had lots of time to mingle and chat with all the other great ladies there. Have you ever seen the movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’?  In it, Mat Damon’s character has this theory that sometimes all you need is 30 seconds of bravery to make something happen –  often, I find, you need even less. Joining in conversations, meeting people, chatting, exchanging cards – sometimes all it takes is 30 seconds to walk up, introduce yourself to someone, and ask them about what they do. Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming, I hope to get out to more events! I didn’t have an agenda going in, but feel like I met some great ladies and have found some great resources in them.
Check out the rest of the event photos here! 
Meghan Oosterhof

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