You’re ready to take the leap, start your own biz, or maybe you’re scrolling through your social media feed and really like something that someone just posted. You want to know where they got that yarn, those pom poms, those materials, etc so you head to comment section, start typing and… LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE!

Let’s hit the pause button and I’ll let you in on a secret: Not all makers want to share. Ok, that sounds mean. Let’s say that not all makers want to share everything or their trade secrets.

Is this ok? Yes. It’s totally ok. It may be frustrating, but it’s all in the makers right to not divulge certain information. Most makers are pretty welcoming and will answer your question gladly, but sometimes if something is unique to their brand they may clam up.


Sometimes I get comments on my photos or posts asking the sort of questions like “Where can I get those pom poms”. Normally I’m totally ok with this, but GIIIIIRL I busted my ass to find a supplier that had the correct size, make, color and type of fur pom pom I was looking for. I also buy in bulk (we are talking 100-200 at each time) to make it reasonably affordable for me to put them on my items. If you’re looking for one singular pom pom heck yes I can totally send you in the right direction… but if you’re looking to buy in bulk and make (or plan on making) a similar item to mine then I am not going to disclose that info. Simply put – I want my item to be viewed as unique. Makes sense in the wide scope right?

If you’re going to ask anyways one thing I do NOT recommend is writing the question in a comment on their feed. That’s like saying “Hey! Tell me your info, and while you’re at it tell it to the whole damn world too”. Be polite and send them a private message or email. It’s even better if  you include the different places you have looked and researched. People are way more open to help when they know that you’ve put in the effort to try and solve the problem first hand. Technically google can pretty much find anything if you’re looking hard enough. I can guarantee that you will have a higher chance of them responding from a DM or email – even though sometimes (including myself at times) will not respond at all. Their response also may be more positive than negative if you email or direct message.

If you’re reading this and saying “Oh em gee. What have I done!? I totally have done this and now I feel terrible.” don’t worry! I too have personally been a culprit for these exact examples. When I first started and even to this day – now I try to catch myself. If you can try and put yourself in both shoes and ask in a correct manner the outcome will probably be better!

A lot of makers are happy to share certain info including shipping questions, where to buy the cheapest bags, etc but things that make their brand unique are allowed to be private. Happy supplier hunting!

This post was originally published on on January 18, 2017. It has been reposted with permission. 

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