Hey girl hey! I’m Jasmine, I’m a painter, I’m a photographer and I specialize in newborn photography.

I also work full-time during the week in advertising; and balancing all these things can cause some serious burn-out. That being said, the afternoon I spent at Azuridge with the YYC Girl Gang couldn’t have come at a better time! My anxiety was higher than ever, and being able to listen to Chantal talk about social media management, plus being able to mingle with other dream-chasers & go-getters gave me the pep-talk I really needed.

Being a creative-minded individual, Azuridge (and the ladies) left me with no shortage of photos. Given the chance, I probably would’ve stayed there all day. The food was delicious; I probably had five scones, and drank my weight in tea & coffee. Not only was this my first YYC Girl Gang event, but my first High Tea. As if that weren’t enough, I had the pleasure of receiving a swag-bag full of goodies including earrings, exclusive store offers, eyeliner, and prints!

I think one of the most important moments (to me) during the whole experience was watching Chantal be so unapologetically herself. I often think with my painting, photography, or even in advertising, I am constantly walking around on egg-shells, being careful to say the right thing, not come off “too strongly” as the crazy art kid, etc.  She discussed how important it was to really let your personality shine through in your business, and that people are  more inclined to invest with someone who is real, over a business with a calculated response formula. Social media not only gives us a tool to show-off our products or services, but a chance to truly connect with our audience.

Thank you YYC Girl Gang for not only inviting me to capture this amazing event, but teaching me that it’s totally okay to be your authentic self while running a business. I hope to attend another event soon!

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