80/20 COACH DEB SOUSAWhat do you do? What is your Biz?

I am a certified Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle coach and owner at the 80/20 Hub in Inglewood. I also coach and mentor my team of coaches across Alberta in building a successful business

How long have you had your business?

The Hub is a new facility in Calgary but I’ve been coaching for over 8 years.

How did you get started?

I was a competitive volleyball player and still never really thought about becoming a trainer. When I’ve stopped being an athlete, I’ve found myself overweight for the first time in my life. Once I hit my breaking point, a friend of mine got me started on my nutrition program. I went about losing 44lbs and finding a passion in being able to help people to do the same. I’ve never been much a “job person” and always wanted to be in a business where I could make a difference in people’s lives. Where I could build a lifestyle and achieve my goals in a way that I am proud of. Today I get to do that and I am truly grateful.

Who or what inspires your work?

My old self. Looking at where/how I was and realizing that so so so many people are at the exact same spot. Knowing that I can be a bit of a catalyst for change. I can’t change anyone but if I can give them the inspiration to take the first step? That’s what inspires me everyday.

What do you dream for your business in the future?

To make a impact in our local community and beyond. To build a massive community based on positivity, empowerment, inclusiveness, authenticity, health & fitness. To be recognized for making a difference.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram. I love spontaneous shares, capturing the moment and sharing on Instagram stories. I also love that it’s easy to find people and connect.

How do you pick yourself up when things go wrong?

I don’t perceive things as going wrong, I perceive them as opportunities to grow, maybe to adjust a little… things “going wrong” can be a course adjustment if we look at it that way.

What’s one thing no one knows about you? Give us an interesting fact!

That I was a tap dancer! I’ve dreamed of being Liza Minnelli. My first childhood dream was to be a broadway tap dancer. No joke!

If you could have any super power what would it be?

Flying! No questions about it.

What are your social media handles?


Where can we find your stuff?


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