YYC: A unique + beautiful city tucked in beside the Rocky Mountains that provides creatives + entrepreneurs with the space, communities, platforms, etc. to learn + flourish. Sprinkled with local shops, micro-breweries, + an endless amount of ways to connect with neighbours + the city itself, YYC is constantly amazing its occupants with its spirit of community + love of art. 

Girl: An umbrella term we use in this context to describe the cis + trans women, non-binary, + gender fluid individuals who make up this inspiring group at any given time; most well known for their general badass-ery, boundless strength, + determination to get shit done.

Gang: An organized group of locals with a common goal. In this case, that goal would be to promote community over competition; support, network, + inspire fellow boss babes; + motivate each other to continually be breaking through glass ceilings + basically take over the world.

Hang: An opportunity for the girl gang to gather, share successes + challenges, spread knowledge, + generally support one another in their passions. If ever attending a hang, expect to make friends, overcome fears, laugh a ton, feel connected + less alone, grow, + learn something awesome about yourself + your community.

Beers: That liquid gold that tastes good + makes you feel silly if you drink enough of it. In this particular case, it was Village Brewery’s Neighbour beer with a special YYC Girl Gang touch: blackberry + lime. The general consensus was, “mmmmmm”. A lot of awesome things can happen when beer is shared, especially when it’s Village beer. This night was no exception.

Markets: A recurring gathering that allows people in a community to engage with each other + provides makers, musicians, designers, artisans, etc. a platform to showcase their talent. These shindigs are particularly awesome if you’re into any of the following: building meaningful relationships with unique individuals, supporting local artists/businesses, being exposed to local talent, fostering strong community ties, and just generally having a good time. This particular evening included a panel of representatives from some of Calgary’s most beloved markets: Curated, Etsy Calgary, Little Modern Market, and Market Collective.

YYC Girl Gang Hang – Beers + Markets introduced me to more super cool boss babes + their unique businesses, gave us all an excuse to drink yummy beer + kombucha, allowed us to pick the brains of some of the most influential and interesting community gatherers in our city, + was overall an inspiring + informative evening that made me feel empowered + part of something bigger. Cheers to all of that.

Check out all the photos on facebook here!

Alexandra Issabel


Instagram: @alexandra.issabel / @adamxalexandra 

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