YYC Girl Gang x Fiasco Gelato from Hoyee Graham on Vimeo.

Hey Girl Gang! This is Hoyee. I’m a videographer; and all the rest of the time, I’m a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a retail sales manager. I love just about everything I do, and I especially love capturing beautiful moments such as these – the Girl Gang Hang: where empowered women come together to share ideas, support each other, and form alliances.
This particular hang took place at the Fiasco Gelato HQ – a super neat place filled with inspiring quotes, fancy decor, and not to mention, amazing gelato (I had the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt/Blueberry Greek Yogurt – it’s delish. If you haven’t been, you need to go!)
Aside from the awesome location, YYC Girl Gang invited a guest speaker, Rhonda, from Bark YYC to speak on the theme of Collaboration. She shared her experiences and stories on how they have worked out for her business – successes and fallouts – which was very enabling. My favorite part was the Q&A, when questions were asked, not only did Rhonda respond with helpful answers, the rest of the gang was able to chime in to give their two cents – to me, brainstorming is sometimes the best way to learn.
Thank you, YYC Girl Gang, for this opportunity to meet other women at various points in their businesses. Thank you also for letting me make a record of this meaningful event. And can’t forget, the swag bag filled with baked goods from Baked from the Heart, Bath Salts and chap stick from Wild Flower Soap Co, and exclusive store offers from various businesses.
Thanks again for letting me film the event! I had a wonderful time!

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Cover photo courtesy of Fiasco Gelato!

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