Kristen – Dot Confirmed
What do you make / sell? Tell us about yo’ self.
I’m the co-founder of Dot Confirmed, a marketplace app for buying and selling activewear. We will be your go-to place to find the athleisure you missed out on in-store or online.
How long have you had your business?
Dot Confirmed is now available in the app store. It’s been in the works since October. Check out the link in our bio on instagram to find it!
How did you get started?
The idea came about after stumbling upon Facebook’s buy and sell groups. I knew there could (and should) be an easier way to get a hold of preloved activewear. I have a business degree, and my partner has a background in computer science, so I knew we had the perfect set of skills to turn this idea into a reality. We broke out the laptops that very same day, and haven’t looked back since!
Who or what inspires your work?
The founders behind startups like Airbnb and Instagram. They started in their garages and hustled their way to billion-dollar valuations. The thought of a small group of people making an app that has such a massive impact on the world is inspiring.
What do you dream for your business in the future?
I want to see Dot Confirmed become the world’s biggest athleisure marketplace. I mean how cool would it be to walk into a Starbucks and see the person in front of me buying some yoga pants on Dot Confirmed!
What’s your favourite social media platform and why?
I love instagram! I’m a big fan of documenting my memories and experiences. Not to mention Instagram is going to be a driving force in marketing the app!
How do you pick yourself up when things go wrong?
When things go wrong, I grab a glass of wine and watch some Vampire Diaries! In all seriousness, I just think about everything that’s going right, then my problems don’t seem so bad! I won’t let any hiccups get in the way of the goals I’ve set for myself.
What’s one thing no one knows about you? 
I love to travel! If I could hop from country to country for a few years without a home base, I totally would!
If you could have any super power what would it be?
I would definitely want to teleport. You never know when you’ll feel like Italian gelato or French wine!
What are your social media handles?
Where can we find your stuff?

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