Hello everyone! I’m Massi a portrait, commercial, and headshot photographer. I run my business in Calgary, and I love to capture beautiful moments. Once you get to know me you’ll notice that I’m a huge nature lover, have a passion for the mountains, and couldn’t be more thankful to live in this gorgeous city.

What is more joyful than spending my Monday evening with a fantastic crew of talented and inspiring women at Last Best Brewing & Distillery? There was a fabulous speech about “audience-centric marketing”. The speech was delivered by Brittany Brander who is an awesome content strategist, the founder behind Bourbon & Honey and also the editor-in-chief of Bloom Co. She did a fantastic job to explain the importance of having connection with today’s audiences in marketing your business. I was fascinated to learn how the smart systems can help businesses to target the right audiences. This was specially interesting since the owner of the companies can now avoid using the traditional-boring advertising like: cheesy radio ads, billboards, sales calls, etc. This method seems to be the future of the marketing.

Seeing the “boss babes” talking to each other and sharing their thoughts and experiences in such a friendly vibe was the most favorite moment to me. I felt really ease in the environment and the lovely founders who inspire me to come again and attend to the future events.

I want to say a big thank you to YYC Girl Gang for allowing me to attend this awesome event and giving me chance to meet a group of inspiring and hardworking artist ladies in my area. It was a pleasure to work with you and I’m really excited for the future events.

Writing + Photos by Massi:

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