Hi Everyone! My name is Ashika Thaker and I’m a portrait, lifestyle, and event photographer for my company AThaker Photography. I’m also the co-founder of Unravelled Yarn, a zero-waste textile company that transforms corporately branded shirts into t-shirt yarn. I had the pleasure of photographing the YYC Girl Gang Hang on April 24th all about the importance of legal, and let me tell you – it was so much fun!

It was an empowering evening of great conversation, networking, and an amazing speech from Alexandra Daignault from Sarjesa all around the importance of legal in business. Sarjesa is a socially conscious tea company that supports local violence protection programming that empowers and improves the lives of marginalized women. Alexandra’s talk was extremely eye opening and had the whole room engaged, excited, and wanting to learn more. Through her personal story and experience, we were all able to take away tips on how we as boss babes can protect both ourselves, and our businesses in order to reach success.

I absolutely loved seeing all the excitement and support filling up the room. It is unbelievable how much power and greatness can be produced from the collaborated of strong, independent women in our city. I’m so very thankful that I had the opportunity to be a small part of it. Thank you YYC Girl Gang for allowing me to capture this evening through photographs and welcoming me into such an inspiring group of women.

Photos & Writing by Ashika Thaker
AThaker Photography | @athakerphotography

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