Have you ever heard the term “vector” from your print shop and had zero idea what they were talking about (besides the villain from Despicable Me)? The short version is that unlike a rastor (think jpeg) file, a vector can be resized up and down from the size of a stamp to a wall mural and the image quality will stay the exact same.

If you’ve had your logo created by a graphic designer, they will be able to provide you with a vectorized version. In most cases, they will have sent it along with the logo package but worst case you should be able to request it at no charge.

If you drew your own design and you aren’t sure what what to do next, that’s okay. You can ask a graphic designer (like Ampersand Creative YYC) to vectorize it for you! Fees will vary from designer to designer but it is a business expense so you will be able to write it off on your taxes.

In addition to logos, if you’re looking to hop on the enamel pin train (or t-shirts, etc.), you will need a vector of the image to send to your manufacturer. Again, this is something a graphic designer can do for you and while it is another expense, once you have those files you can reorder the pins however many times you want.

Pin & photo by Woolfield Studio

Photo by Michelle Wells Photography
Laura Dupuis is a Graphic Designer, knitter, wife & mother. She loves to support local business and can be found wandering the many handmade markets Calgary has to offer. Similar to Lorelai Gilmore, Laura lives on coffee and pop culture references and is hoping her daughter is just as nerdy as she is. You can find her at Ampersand Creative YYC and White Willow Wearables.

Photo of Laura by Michelle Wells Photography.

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