What an honor to have the privilege to share my message with all of you! I love connecting and collaborating with like minded women! It’s actually my passion and that is what I have built my entire brand and business on! I believe we all have something amazing to share with one another, no matter where we are in our personal journeys.

My name is Taryn Shea and I am the Founder of Fit and Chic. Fit and Chic is a community, a tribe, a sisterhood of women that are each committed to becoming the best versions of themselves from the inside out. Fit and Chic babes don’t attempt the journey on their own because they know they are stronger TOGETHER. My business came to a reality once I decided to share everything I learned over the past decade throughout my own ‘transformation journey’. In a nut shell, I went from having no self confidence to the women I had been dreaming of – Fit and Chic. I inspire and empower other women achieve their goals now.

So I would like to share a few of my top tips to encourage you to achieving your wildest dreams ladies!!!

1) Get clear on your goals. No, not just clear – but CRYSTAL CLEAR. You must very specifically be able to describe what you want to achieve – in your health/business and life! I encourage you to write them down, which has been proven to be much more effective. Are you an overachiever?? Ok then include a vision board with this step babe!

2.) Commit to take ACTION. The only thing that will ever help you to achieve ANYTHING in life is this one step – ACTION. Any action is better than NO action. Small daily action compiles over the duration of a year which could be LIFE CHANGING! Stop over thinking it and just take that first step or for some of you, it’s simply the next step. Regardless of where you are, get started or keep going. The time is NOW.

3.) You need support. You need your tribe. You can’t do it on your own and why would you want to?! It is so much more fun when you have other women encouraging you from all angles! Let them in on your goals and let them help fuel those ambitions!

4.) Dont Give up. No really – hear me out. There will be No’s. There will be doors shut (no slammed) in your face. There will be negative people. You will get tired. You will start to doubt yourself. But under no circumstances, are you to ever give up on your dreams and goals. You keep going no matter what. You were given that dream for a reason. It is in YOU for a reason. Pursue it babe.

5.) Reach down and help someone else up. If you achieve any type of success or have gained a lot of knowledge from experience etc, always share that in an effort to help someone else. You will receive much more than what you give. Always be on the look out to offer help, advice or encouragement whenever possible.

I know in my heart that anyone reading this CAN apply those tips into their life to help ignite more of a spark on the inside. That is what my Fit and Chic Programs, Membership and Live RETREATS are all about – Igniting your spark and living your most passionate life.

Taryn Shea is all about empowering women through fitness and fashion. It was through her own journey of creating the woman she always wanted to be that Taryn Shea the brand was born. It’s a place to share tips and tricks, while offering support to the make others’ journey quick and easy. For more information about Fit and Chic, visit Tarynshea.net and follow me on Instagram @Tarynfitandchic.

4 thoughts on “Achieve Your Wildest Dreams”

  1. This woman is remarkable!! I have known her for a short while now, and her message and this group of ladies have helped me transform my life!! Listen to the his girl, she knows what she is talking about!!

    1. Aw thank you from my heart. That means so much to me. Your transformation inspires us all and you’re doing incredible. So proud to have you part of our tribe. Keep going girl! I’m so happy you love this article as well!



  2. Taryn has changed my life! She is a star. So motivating and inspiring. She is the fearless leader of our Fit and Chic tribe and it was absolutely so God breathed that she came into my life. What an incredible human she is. So happy I am a part of her tribe and I encourage anyone else that is looking for a life change, or searching for more . This is IT beauty! Hop on the Taryn Shea train!

  3. Taryn Shea the beautiful CEO of Fit and Chic is motivating, empowering and so full of life and love it is contagious! She has helped me to change my life and is changing the lives of so many. I am so grateful to be a part of her tribe

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