girl·gang /gurl-gahng/ noun · A group of fearless women who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sisters up, not tear them down.

What we’re about: Girl Gang is all about networking, learning and inspiring local girlbosses, all while showcasing the amazing local business owners in our city. We host 6 events and 6 workshops a year, alternating each month. We’re about building a community and a safe space for #bossbabes!

What to expect: All of our events and workshops are meant to create a community where you can come as you are and be as comfortable as you want. Introvert? You can sit with us. Don’t feel like wearing anything other than leggings? We’re with you. Giiirl we know we aren’t always pageant ready, so that’s not what our events are about. Come and you are – we’re always here with open arms. If the event or workshop doesn’t include #yycgirlganghang or YYC Girl Gang, it’s not us.

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Once upon a time, in a group chat not so far away in late 2015, a group of female Calgary small business owners had an idea. With networking being such a large part of starting and maintaining a business, why not create a community of like minded individuals who can be there to support one another? Starting a business can be intimidating, frustrating and scary but you obviously are going down this path because it’s something YOU are passionate about. Our goal is to bring together a community where we can all support, network and inspire one another. Let’s help each other push forward to create a successful future! Would you like to contribute to the blog? Do you have an awesome idea? Send them our way! A billion heads are better than one, we think that’s how the saying goes anyways.


Chantal of @knitatude

Photo by K&E Imaging Photo by: K & E Imaging

Ok grandmas, take a seat. There is a new gal in town and she’s taking on the knitting world by storm. Chantal is the unicorn haired firecracker behind Knitatude and No Shit Biz Tips. She is all about knitting with attitude and if you’ve met her, you can 100% attest to this. If she’s not sleeping you will probably find her knitting, thinking about knitting or maybe even doing some more knitting! Chantal organizes a local Knit Night where she encourages knitters of all skill levels to come and meet one another, vent about their day and or find an excuse to pull out a project they have been neglecting. On the rare occasion she’s not working on her beautiful creations, you will most likely find her at a comic book store, eating poutine, swearing like a sailor or having a Lord of The Rings marathon. Follow Chantal & Knitatude on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and knitatude.com.

Nicole of @saltwaterteajewelry

IMG_7793 Photo by: Sarah Beau Photography

Loud, exuberant and a fiercely devoted friend, Nicole is the fearless boss lady behind Salt Water Tea. Inspired by her gigantic collection of crystals you will find an array of necklaces, body chains, malas and all natural soy candles that each come with a beautiful gem inside in her arsenal. Interesting fact: Salt Water Tea was named after the process of pouring salt water over gemstones to cleanse, energize and program the crystals. Don’t be wary to say hello to this art and design grad (ACAD, 2013 with distinction PS!) when at markets, she’s always up for a good laugh and gives great advice. When in doubt ask her about her fluff of a pup named Shyla. Follow Nicole & Salt Water Tea on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and saltwatertea.com.

Jillian of @logeephoto

C8072w Photo Credit: Stephen Lemmer

Her red hair isn’t the only thing that’s burning up this fiery babe. Organized and game for everything you can throw at her Jillian is our treasurer & workshop coordinator. Driven by her passion for photography and background in archaeology, Jillian is the stellar boss babe behind Logee Photography. She not only turns her beautiful photography into prints but works of art and brings them one step further in the photography game. If she isn’t snapping away and killing it in the edit, she’s dreaming of bee’s and her library collection, playing with her pup Mouse or running the world of Etsy Calgary. Welcome Jillian! Follow Jillian & Logee Photography on Facebook, Instagram, and logeephotography.com.

A special thanks goes out to Leanne from Little Me Paper Co, Ayla from Gypsy Skulls, Kenzie from Milk & Honey YYC, Rhonda from Bark YYC, Aja from Drizzle, Amber from Dixie and Twine, Dawn from Dawn Bradley Hair and Alyssa from Pearl and Dot. These ladies were part of the original founders of YYC Girl Gang. We couldn’t have dreamt and made it what it is without them!

Our logo and its variations was designed by Sarah Milne of Soar Creative for our 2017 anniversary. You can check out more of her work on the Soar Creative website.