September Workshop: Wholesale 101

Interested in wholesaling your handmade products? Nicole Bracey of Salt Water Tea and formerly Greater Goods will walk your through the do’s and don’ts of linesheets, order forms, pricing and approaching retailers. Participants will engage in a group discussion, and cover topics including approaching retailers, policies and procedures, pricing your handmade goods, creating a linesheet, and more. Participants will leave with a booklet containing all class information and resources.

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What else have we got in store for 2018?

Come join us for an awesome learning sesh with a fantastic speaker, a great topic to base the night around, a wicked grab bag and some networking with local entrepreneurs. There are four of these a year! We have these events scheduled for January, April, July, and October.
Let’s dig into the knitty gritty on certain topics that can really help you with your biz. These are more intimate and include at 2-3 hour presentation by an expert in that field. We have workshops scheduled for March, June, September, and November.
Off the Clock
No speaker, no swag, but an awesome time for networking with local boss babes. Get ready to play some games and get to know your fellow entrepreneurs! We have Off the Clocks scheduled for May, August, and December.

Check out our past events!

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